Trading Books

We love to take in your gently used books so that you may get other books to enjoy! Following are our guidelines for trades as well as our policies for receiving and using credit.

Book Trading Guidelines

What we accept:

*most gently used paperbacks, both fiction and non-fiction

*some hardbacks with a copyright date of the current year

*most large print books, both paperback and hardback

*most gently used complete audiobooks

What we do not accept:

*books with torn or damaged pages/covers/spines

*most hardback books with a copyright date older than the current year

*technology, health, self-help and similar titles with copright date older than the current year

*audiobooks that are visibly scratched or missing discs

***We reserve the right to accept or decline any trade at any time***

How Credit Works

For any books we can take, we will usually give 20% of the original publishers price in credit. EX: if we accept a book that originally cost $7.99, we will give $2 in credit. In some cases of older book or books not in ideal condition, we may give 10% credit instead.

Your credit is kept on file with us, and can be used by yourself or anyone else you choose to add to your card. Your credit gives you a discount on purchases you make. If you have credit on file with us and you make a purchase, we will apply your credit to the subtotal of your books. We do charge a small trading fee for using credit, which is 10% of the original price of any books you are purchasing (EX: if you purchase a book that was originally priced at $7.99, the trading fee will be $0.80). You are responsible for the payment of this fee at the time of your purchase, plus any tax that is due for the purchase.